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"Jarvis does a nice job of staggering the present-day action--Shelton as an adult--with flashbacks from the boys' teenage years. His humane rendering of teenagers in crisis presents Shelton and Richie as sympathetic characters that draw in the reader, and concern for the pair will pull the reader through the book ... Entertaining and heartfelt, Jarvis' tale would work well particularly well for young adult readers, though it might be too dark for some. A thoughtful and empathetic book about young men in crisis--well worth a read..."
- Kirkus Reviews

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"Tom Jarvis does an excellent job building his characters and their world. Whatever Shelly and Richie were experiencing, whether it be sadness, laughter, pain, or hope — I experienced it with them.

When I turned the last page and closed the book, I held it to my heart ... Train of Consequences will claw its way into your heart, mind and soul, letting go of you... never."
- L.M. Stull, Between The Lines

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" Train of Consequences is an adventurous story that shows the destructive effects of abuse, giving readers lessons that they will never forget."
- Zahra Syeda Hamdani,

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"...a beautifully rendered story...Movingly evocative of JD Salinger. In cadences worthy of Stephen King, Jarvis in this fine first work presents a fresh style all his own. This is a remarkable novel....Go buy it."
- Harvey J. Greenberg, CLU, ChFC

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"Your prose is powerful, and your characters are gripping, which makes for a compelling story. Plus, your story has the emotional power to move many readers with its tragedy and truth about the human condition."
- Mark, iUniverse Editor

"The premise of the book is exciting because it contains suspense-thriller elements, but also focuses more heavily on the human aspect of the story..."
- Diana Spindler, iUniverse Editor